About Us

What makes Nautic Concepts, Nautic Concepts?


Our objective is to combine cutting-edge technology and the most highly qualified professionals in templating and installing world-class customizable marine flooring. This is why we always guarantee your pleasure and will be entirely upfront throughout the whole process of turning our customers’ fantasies into reality.


From measurement to installation to performance, we’re here to create and implement the most up-to-date and effective solutions for maritime flooring design. With expertise and the utmost attention to detail and quality, our staff is very thorough in meeting your maritime flooring demands. We will thoroughly examine your project and make recommendations based on your individual requirements.

Partners With Client

Our clients always receive the greatest and most premium marine decking services and goods. Our mission is simple: gratify each client to the best of our ability, one at a time, and they will return and tell others about us. It’s easy to see why Nautic Concepts is the best option every time, with the biggest assortment of textures, colors, and designs on the market, paired with quick and easy installation.

Locally and Family Owned

We are a family-owned and operated business that is tremendously passionate about the complete boating experience. As a result, we are delighted to service local customers.

About The Owner

Nautic Concepts CEO Jody Thornhill was disappointed with competitors’ goods as a Charter Captain with a lifetime of boating expertise. They lacked customer service, lasting items that were stain-free, and refused to honor their warranties. His ambition was to leverage his talents to provide exceptional customer service and design while producing a high-quality product. He established Nautic Concepts after months of research. 

He continues to provide his services to all previous clients and values every member of the maritime community he has met along the way. Jody Thornhill looks forward to providing you with the best level of expertise, attention to detail, and quality for your maritime flooring needs. Jody and his team had years of expertise designing a broad product line for the marine sector, so they were no strangers to closed-cell EVA foam products.

The team has developed the most sophisticated premium marine decking in the business based on their years of expertise and scientific approach. We are proud of our reputation in the business. As a result, we provide exceptional customer service, a three-year guarantee, and the most robust and long-lasting product available.

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Nautic Concepts is led by a group of people that love fishing, boating, sailing, and being outside.

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