Boat Deck Flooring


Durable, Stain Resistant, Long-Lasting

Quality Boat Decking

We can give clients quality, reliability, and product consistency because of our tightly controlled manufacturing processes, careful selection of raw materials, high-level technical skills, and cutting-edge technology and equipment.


Polyethylene (PE), ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymers (EVA), or a high-tech mixed copolymer are used to make our closed-cell chemically cross-linked foams. The tiny cell structure allows for minimum water absorption, great stability, and chemical resistance.


Our clientele span from industry-leading shipyards to private sailors, and we provide a full spectrum of yacht decking services. Replacing worn-out boat decking is a big part of what we do. We provide a comprehensive range of decking services to owners and clients in the major leisure boating regions.


It’s made of lightweight closed-cell foam, which provides outstanding grip in all circumstances and a high level of comfort underfoot. Our boat deck has been particularly built to accommodate your boats and may be made for deck kits. It is available in a variety of colors and tread options to suit different designs.

Custom Marine Flooring

The boat deck from Nautic Concepts has been precisely designed with components that keep the material from drying out or cracking over time. It also includes the best UV protection available to avoid fading, antifungal inhibitors, greater adhesion, and the most customizable boat decking options available.

Benefits of Nautic Concepts Boat Deck

  • Colors and textures come in a wide range of options.
  • Cleaning is a breeze.
  • Mold, mildew, and stains are not a problem.
  • The largest EVA sheet size available, allowing for fewer seams and more design possibilities.
  • Underfoot, there’s a cushioned feel that absorbs shock.
  • Excellent traction in rainy or dry conditions, with or without shoes
  • Excellent traction in all types of weather
  • Custom routing for one-of-a-kind designs
  • Lightweight foam with proven performance -Durable solution that has been proved to last up to 8 years

Long-Lasting Materials

These Boat Matting materials include a waterproof polyurethane base for comfort and a UV-resistant recycled polypropylene top layer for a great aesthetic! All materials are purchased by the square foot and may be simply trimmed to fit any area on site. 


Our boat flooring is made entirely of solid polyvinyl, is slip-resistant, robust, and high-performing, and is UV stable for long-term exposure and color preservation. Extremely long-lasting; won’t break, mold, or mildew. Water cannot infiltrate from above or below, providing excellent moisture protection.

The non-porous surface makes cleaning salts, fishing smells, oils, and gas a breeze. Unlike other thin materials on the market, we print beneath a seamless, UV-resistant polyvinyl with a felt backing, so the designs cannot be scratched off or damaged by high traffic.

Fungi and other microorganisms shouldn’t be able to thrive in your boat. Our boat flooring is mildew resistant and, in many cases, UV resistant, making it fade-proof. UV-stable closed-cell EVA foam for long-term use in severe environments.


If you have had issues with your custom boat deck flooring in the past or have yet to add decking to your boat. We want your experience to be great, and will do whatever we can to ensure you are satisfied. 


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