Our Process

What goes into our durable, long-lasting boat flooring?


Our CAD design team re-draws your boat from the digital scan we acquired, taking into account a variety of design elements such as, but not limited to, offsets to be added beyond the areas of your boat’s textured non-skid, grain direction from our brushed textured finish when applicable, if and where any additional seams or breaks in the material need to be fabricated based on your boat’s design layout, and so on.

Deep Clean

To being your installation, surface preparation is critical because we must guarantee that your boat’s deck is free of any debris, oils, and grime. This process is very important because the adhesive will perform better if the surface is properly cleaned.

Premier Primer

After the boat floor has been cleaned it’s time to apply our primer. This step is overlooked by a lot of our competitors. We take this extra step to ensure your boat decking will last.

Firm Press

Before installation we temporarily place each section on your boat’s surface, our installers will double-check each part for appropriate alignment and orientation before permanently adhearing the decking to the surface. 

Roll It Out

Our top-tier primer is pressure activated, so after the boat decking has been installed we roll it out. This step in the process ensures that your marine flooring has been properly installed and will last longer. 

Quality Control

Finally, we will do one last quality inspection to ensure your new boat flooring exceeds your expectations. 

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