Fish Ruler


Durable, Stain Resistant, Long-Lasting

Upgrade Your Fishing Experience

Having a fish ruler is like having a good motor in your boat. It’s crucial to know whether you’re allowed to retain the fish legally, and, let’s face it, for bragging rights! 


Fish rulers by Nautic Concepts are a lasting and appealing alternative to stickers, tape measures, and other measuring devices. These rulers are 4″x36″ and come in a 3mm thickness with a brushed texture.


They have laser-etched numbers that will not fade or break down, as well as a pressure-sensitive adhesive for simple installation. Nautic Concepts’ fish rulers provide a non-skid surface for holding slippery fish in place for measuring in addition to providing traction underfoot.


Anglers may quickly evaluate if a fish is a keeper with the help of this device, which provides quick and accurate fish measurements. This fish ruler was designed to meet the demands of every fisherman who wants to measure fish. Fish rulers were created to assist fishermen in fishing more effectively, resulting in a more fruitful day on the water.

Fish Ruler

Angler Approved Boat Decking

Fisherman have the ability to correctly measure their fish from the comfort of their boat. Our fish rulers are designed particularly to adhere to boats. They can be attached to any smooth surface. With a length of 36 inches and a height of 3 inches, this will easily fit to multiple areas on your boat, depending on your needs.


Having a precise measuring device on board not only ensures that your catch is accurate but it also ensures that the fish you keep are within state and federal size regulations. These fish rulers may be put on the inwale, deck, or gunwale. The 36-inch fish ruler, is available in closed-cell EVA foam with adhesive backing.


If you have had issues with your custom fish ruler in the past or have yet to experience the benefits of a fish ruler. We want your experience to be great, and will do whatever we can to ensure you are satisfied. 


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