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Customized Boat Decking

Marine decking must be sturdy, dependable, and capable of withstanding the harsh weather and abuse of coastal environments. Nautic Concepts provides the greatest premium custom marine decking for your time spent on the water. For years, high-density materials for durable marine decking have been effectively employed on all kinds of aquatic vessels.


Our goods are designed, developed, and manufactured by experts. This allows us to provide faster turnaround times than many of our rivals. We have a wide variety of products including fish rulers, helm pads, cooler tops, and marine flooring. Our services expand across Southwest Florida. 

Performance, strength, and dependability are three of our most critical factors for selecting materials that can withstand some of the hardest conditions and environments out at sea.

Special Boat Decking Features

Our marine flooring is made of robust, closed-cell PE foam alternatives and is developed exclusively to be applied to boats.

Our deck is:

  • UV-protected
  • Non-absorbent and anti-slip
  • Comfortable
  • Shock Absorbing

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our product is created with attention to detail and durability in mind. We are delighted to provide you and your crew with personalized decking. We work directly with the customer to ensure that their flooring is exactly how they want it, complete with a personal touch like your company logo or the name of the boat. Adding flooring will completely transform the appearance of your boat.


We offer closed cell marine flooring of the finest quality. Our flooring also helps prevent mold and mildew since it does not hold water. Nautic Concepts custom marine decking is a durable, non-absorbent, non-skid decking material that reduces noise and stress on marine decks and platforms.


Our customers find comfort in knowing that their flooring project is protected by the finest product warranty. We want to have the opportunity to personalize your boat in order to make it one-of-a-kind.


Let’s install your custom boat flooring!


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